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Sixers Forward Timothe Luwawu Gets Introduced to Wawa

Wawa > Sheetz

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The French contingent of the Sixers draft class just so happens to share some name resemblance with a Philadelphia-area staple. Timothe Luwawu hasn't discussed if he prefers it to Sheetz yet, but he made his way to Wawa this afternoon.

We'll have to work on getting the intel on what Luwawu's first order at Wawa entailed -- you can never go wrong with a meatball sandwich and some store-brand iced tea -- but nice to see him acclimating to the culture of his new home.

The cross-branding opportunities here are plentiful *coughs loudly*....

... and Luwawu would do well to cash in on a partnership with the gas/convenience/deli giant. Hoagiefest doesn't last forever!

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