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Report: Sixers Acquire Andrei Kirilenko, 2nd Round Picks For Brandon Davies

According to Yahoo Sports, the Sixers have acquired Andrei Kirilenko, Jorge Gutierrez, and a Brooklyn 2020 second round pick for Brandon Davies.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report from Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, the Sixers have traded Brandon Davies to the Brooklyn Nets for Andrei Kirilenko, the Nets 2020 2nd round draft pick, the right to swap 2nd round draft picks, and cash.

Wojnarowski also reported that the deal might involve the Nets sending a minor player back to the Sixers. He then clarified that player to be Jorge Gutierrez, which was earlier reported by

According to reports, the Sixers will waive Andrei Kirilenko, allowing the 33 year old Russian forward to become a free agent, although  John Gonzalez of CSN Philly is reporting that the Sixers are trying to convince Kirilenko to stick around. Kirilenko has played in limited minutes so far this season, playing only 5.1 minutes per game in his 9 appearances. He is currently away from the team on personal reasons.

Gutierrez is a 25 (turning 26 on December 27th) year old player out of Mexico, who went to school at the University of California, Berkeley. This is his second season with the Nets, although he's played only 244 minutes so far in his NBA career, including only 4.3 minutes per game in 9 games this season. His contract, the minimum salary for a 2nd year player, is not guaranteed.

Gutierrez played 85 games for the Canton Charge in the D-League in the 2012-13 and 2013-14 seasons. He averaged 13.9 points and 6.9 assists, while shooting 37.5% from three point range, during the 2013-14 D-League season, making the first team All-Defensive team and the 2nd team All-NBDL squad.

Even if the Sixers plan on immediately waiving Kirilenko they will need the roster space for both Kirilenko and Gutierrez to complete the trade.

For the Nets, they get to decrease their luxury tax bill, which was historically high last season. Trading Kirilenko's $3.1 million contract can save the Nets almost $12 million after taking into consideration luxury tax payments.

For the Sixers, who are currently sitting nearly $25 million under the salary cap and $18 million below the salary cap floor, they essentially get a free 2020 second round pick, since they'll have to reach the salary cap floor, one way or the other, by the end of the season. The Sixers also get the rights to swap 2nd round picks with the Nets in 2018, should the Nets finish with a worse record than the Sixers. With that over 3 years away, a lot can happen in that time.

If the Sixers trade Davies, waive somebody to make room for Gutierrez, then waive Kirilenko, their roster will stand at 14 players, allowing them to sign Furkan Aldemir without making any further moves.

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