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Community Guidelines

Note: If you have a question about the rules or a complaint about another member please e-mail me at

Commenting Policy

  1. No profanity
  2. No religion or politics
  3. No personal attacks
  4. Use supporting evidence
  5. No plagiarism
  6. No spamming or trolling
  7. Don't be "That Guy", as described on Blazers Edge:
FanPost and FanShot Policy

  1. Don't post comments as FanPosts -- If you plan on writing a couple of sentences as a FanPost, post it in the comments section instead.
  2. Include commentary -- Don't post a FanPost with a link and the entire article block-quoted. That's what the FanShots are for (which we'll get to in a minute). If you want to use a link in your FanPost, along with a couple quotes -- fine -- but don't use an entire article. Write your own stuff.
  3. Don't duplicate -- If there's already a FanPost titled '5 Reasons why Andre Iguodala isn't overpaid', don't create a FanPost titled 'Andre Iguodala is not overpaid!", and bring up the same points.
  4. The exception -- Other sites have FanPosts dedicated to non-basketball related topics. If the comment section is becoming flooded with readers' thoughts on Kim Kardashian's rear-end or the ending of LOST, posting a FanShot for all non-basketball related comments is acceptable.
  5. Spelling, grammar and punctuation -- Do the best you can to use proper English. It's easier to read and adds to your credibility.
As for FanShots:

FanShots are meant for sharing a link, video, picture, etc. without having to post more than a sentence or two of commentary. Consider FanShots the footnotes of the blog.