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76ers salary cap info








Elton Brand






Andre Iguodala







Samuel Dalembert




Andre Miller


Reggie Evans




Louis Williams






Willie Green




Thaddeus Young





Marreese Speights






Jason Smith





Theo Ratliff


Donyell Marshall


Kareem Rush


Royal Ivey











Red=Qualifying Offer

Purple=Player Option/Early Termination

Blue=Team Option

Asterisk(*)=Adjusted Salary

One more thing of note. According to Canis Hoopus, the projections for the Cap Number and the Luxury Tax number for the next four years are as follows:

08-09 09-10 10-11 11-12 12-13 13-14
Salary Cap Projection $58,680,000 $55,746,000 $54,352,350 $56,526,444 $58,787,502 N/A
Luxury Tax Projection $71,150,000 $67,592,000 $65,902,688 $68,538,795 $71,280,347 N/A

**I didn't understand BYC, which stands for Base Year Salary, so I'm assuming some of you don't understand it either. He's a detailed explanation via NBA Salary Cap FAQ.

Draft Pick Status

If I read this correctly, as long as the Sixers don't finish with a worse record than both the Pacers AND the Heat, they're second round pick will go to Minnesota.

It's confirmed here.

Also, the Sixers sent a first-round pick to Minnesota in the Rodney Carney trade. The pick was originally owned by Utah, but the Sixers acquired it in the Kyle Korver trade. According to this, the T'Wolves will receive that pick if:

The Jazz pick lower than 22nd in 2009, 17th in 2010, 15th in 2011, 16th in 2012 or 16th in 2013. Otherwise the Sixers will get it back in 2014.

That's way too much to think about right now, but with D-Will on the Jazz, I have slight confidence that we could get that pick back in 2014.

"Aaron McKies" of the Sixers

According to Henry Abbott of TrueHoop, Rodney Rogers, Rick Mahorn and Derrick McKey could be moved by the Sixers via trade.

Hey, maybe we could trade Sam Dalembert, Rick Mahorn and Royel Ivey to the Grizzles in exchange for Pau Gasol. Oh wait...

Additional Contract Notes

Sam Dalembert-Contract contains performance bonuses that have increased its value, at least two of which are listed as "likely".

Andre Iguodala-Contract contains performances bonuses currently listed as "unlikely".

Louis Williams-Contract contains performances bonuses currently listed as "unlikely".

Willie Green-Contract contains performances bonuses currently listed as "unlikely".

Kareem Rush-Rush is actually being paid $998,398, the minimum salary for a six year veteran, but as his minimum salary contract is only for one year and he has more than three years of experience, the team is only billed an amount equal to the minimum salary of a two year vet. The league pays the rest.

Donyell Marshall-Signed to a one year minimum salary contract in August 2008. Same situation as Rush, but Marshall is a 10 year or more vet, so he's instead getting paid 1,262,275.

Theo Ratliff-Same as Marshall.