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Best of Sixers Media Day Photos

The Sixers took a lot of pictures at Media Day. This is how humor works.

Every day should be Media Day. I'm so glad it's not the Lockout anymore and we have things like this. Picture titles and captions from above.

Damien Wilkins: "I'm Damien Wilkins."

Andrew Bynum Shoulder Ball: "We're photoshopping this later to make the ball my head. Only with my eyes and facial hair and fro and stuff."

Royal Ivey Grimace: "Uhhh."

Charitable Dan Gadzuric: "I have no idea what to do with this."

Evan Turner Face: "I got better at shooting this summer. Seriously."

Spencer Hawes Headshot: "Hi my name is Spencer and I'll be auditioning for the part of Starsky."

Nick Young Muscle Ball: "It's not my real muscle. That's a basketball."

This Is My Really Happy Arnett Moultrie Face: "I just woke up."


Constipated Jrue Holiday: "I shouldn't have eaten so many basketballs."

Mikki Moore!: "Mikki Moore!"

Jason Smith In A Handicapped Parking Lot: (none needed)

Lethal Weapon 24: "No man I said arms folded."

Also: required viewing.

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