JaVale McGee throws a dunk in


JaVale McGee is playing his first game as a 76er and got straight to business with a thrown in dunk. Or, a thunk. This may be the peak of the JaVale mountain.

JaKarr SLAMpson




K.J. McDaniels throws an off-the-backboard dunk to himself


Now that's just not fair, K.J. The rare non-transition off-the-backboard dunk is a sight to behold.

Joel Embiid Can Juggle A Basketball With His Feet


Joel Embiid is starting to pick up the pace of his rehab, and when he's not working on improving his game, he's...juggling basketballs? With his feet? You've got to be quite nimble and coordinated to juggle a ball with your feet at 275 lbs. (not 300). What can't Joel Embiid do? (h/t @th3fl1p)

That's Not a Goaltend


KJ McDaniels gets called for a mistaken goaltend.

Sixers Get Ready


Watch the Sixers get ready to face the Charlotte Hornets.

Hollis Thompson can't miss


Mr. Thompson was hot in the 1st half against Denver. 4-4 from long range.

Draft Express - Jahlil Okafor defense impact


Jahlil Okafor's Defensive Value:

Title says it all. Enjoy :) i know i did

Nerlens Noel runs the break, throws an alley-oop


We expected Nerlens Noel to be on the receiving end of plenty of alley-oops this season, but to deliver them? Niiiiiiice.