Thomas Robinson lays the smackdown on Phil Pressey


Goodbye, Phil Pressey. You have been rejected.

Canaan shakes Jack


Isaiah Canaan shakes Jarrett Jack out of his shoes.

J-Rich to Grant for the slam


Richardson leaves it up high for the alley-oop slam.

Joel Embiid throws down through-the-legs dunk during warmup


So it looks like Joel Embiid's recovery has been doing just find. Can it be next season already?

Nerlens Noel reminds Raptors they're extinct


Return to your Steven Spielberg crafted film, Jonas Valanciunas.

Isaiah Canaan hoists up a crazy shot


What do you do with the ball in your hands as the clock's expiring after you pull down a crazy deflection from 20 ft. in the air? Chuck it up and bank it in, of course.