According to this chart..


It appears that Jayson Tatum ain't shit

Some options on point guard


There more than one way to skin a cat! Here some options on point guard you might of not think off. The case of Kris Dunn maybe we can send the suns next years sixers pick straight up for Dunn especially if they draft Dennis Smith JR. which is possible to say the least. The case of Brandon Knight he is the most probable trade Knight refused to play at the end of the season out of frustration he is due over 40 million the next 3 years. Upside a duo guard who only 25-26 years old who I think needs a change scenery. Maybe oak for him straight up.The case of Jordan Clarkson Lakers need cap space especially if they want to sign Paul next year. This kid is a combo guard making only 12 million a year. Package Oak two second rounders and sauce.



That is...definitely not Jahlil Okafor. The NBA Live 16 demo dropped recently, and this was the player that is supposed to be the Sixers top pick in 2015. When did he go bald?

The 76ers are up 15-0 against the Raptors


So... things aren't exactly going well for the Raptors since their fall from grace at the top of the Eastern Conference. On the other hand, GO SIXERS.

Thad Painting

Larger Version!

Hey folks,

So I did a painting of Thad for practice recently and I thought I'd share it. Feel free to check out my site...

I don't typically paint, but I do plan on paintin' some more Sixers, so tell me who to paint next in the comments!


In case you missed the post game interview


Mahorn makes MCW look like a little kid.

New Sixers Logo Wallpaper (Ben Franklin)


Just made this real quick. Simple and Widescreen. Enjoy. Full image URL -



Gotta Catch 'Em All