Is a lock out coming


Is a lockout coming in the NBA? There's a lot of 'doom & gloom' coming from the NBA front offices, I mean I know the economy is bad now but David Stern psychically projects a year in advance where the world economy will be? Not fun to think about as fans, but it could be coming. And with sixers fans dealing with a frugal organization already...the sixers could be one of those franchise that views a lock out as a positive as they save money during.

Intresting Read on Smart GMs doing Stupid Things


The focus of this David Berri blog post is on MLB GMs, but much of what is discussed can be appliedk to basketball as well.

The Clippers just waived him - is he worth pursuing?


The Clippers just waived him - is he worth pursuing?

Sixers talking to Syracuse Alum Hakim Warrick


I like it. He's a very athletic 4 that, to me, still hasn't realized all of his potential. And if we're still trying to be an up and down team, Hakim can certainly help that. The Cavs are also interested, but Warrick is a Philly kid so the Sixers are hoping that gives them the edge.

The Bobcats and Hornets are trying their fortunes at a "Center-swap." Chandler to Bobcats, Okafor...


The Bobcats and Hornets are trying their fortunes at a "Center-swap." Chandler to Bobcats, Okafor to Hornets.

Sam Dalembert Underrated?


So, David Berri wrote the wages of wins which is a book I like a lot and refer to a lot for a deeper understanding of basketball analysis by intelligent people. He ran his list of 20 most under rated players this year and look where sam dalembert winds up. Goodness gracious me

WOW. Sick pic.


WOW. Sick pic.

Jamaal Tinsley and C.J. Watson


I would love love love to have C.J. Watson, but would hate hate hate to have Jamaal Tinsley. Thoughts?

Iguodala in Nike Spot


So maybe a little national credibility coming Andre Iguodala's way, a part in a national Nike spot, step in the right direction