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Setting up shop in Bethlehem, PA with my vast collection of lawn chairs. The Sixers are the only pro franchise I have a genuine interest in. I'm pretty sure if Paul George and Willie Warren ever teamed up, they'd win multiple championships in every sport and beauty pageant. Need sneaker advice? Come see me.

Raptors @ Sixers Game Thread

For the second straight game, the Sixers will be without defensive force Nerlens Noel as they try yet again to pick up their first win of the year.

Sixers-Raptors Game Preview

The Sixers look to capture their first win in their eighth game while the Raptors seek to end a run of three straight losses Saddle up, it's Wednesday night Atlantic Division basketball

LB at the Movies: The 6th Man

In the fourth installment of LB at the Movies, we cuddle up and watch the 1997 Marlon Wayans gem "The 6th Man"

LB Mock Draft: Rockets Select Jerian Grant

As the LB Mock Draft rolls on, the Houston Rockets take Jerian Grant out of Notre Dame with the 18th pick.

Happy 20th Anniversary! Barros Drops 50 (3/14/95)

They say man cannot survive on jump shot alone. They never met Dana Barros.

Pimp Your Prospect: Markel Brown

Is pimping easy? Hell yea. Especially when it's Markel Brown.

LB Mock Draft #16: Bulls Select Elfrid Payton

With the 16th pick in what is easily the slowest moving draft of all-time, the fake Chicago Bulls take Elfrid Payton, Ragin' Cajun.

LB Mock Draft Pick #5: Jazz Select Vonleh

With the fifth pick in the fake 2014 NBA Draft, the Utah Jazz select Noah Vonleh's hands.

Sixers 94, Bulls 102: Ear Whistles

I don't know about you, but I'm feelin' TWENTY TWOOOOOOOO!!!

Bulls @ Sixers Game Thread

Can the Sixers get to 22 straight tonight? Yes. Yes they can.