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I trusted the process and all I got was a deposed general manager and a team of megazoids.

The Sixers Should Smash Modest Expectations

The Sixers are really good, and that should be the expectation.

Everything You Need To Consider When Trading For Jimmy Butler

Asking "is Jimmy Butler worth fretting over?" is simple. Answering that question is not. Here, we consider all of the factors that the team needs to think about when making a deal for the mercurial star.

Dreams and Nightmares: On Missing Out in Free Agency

And, when doing so, to remain committed to the plan, re-calibrate, and be ready to start the pursuit all over again.

Looking Back and Forward: A Sixers Retrospective and Playoff Preview

The most exciting Sixers team in most of our lifetimes, defined in large part by the Process in which the team was assembled, begins what is hopefully a long playoff run tonight.

Sixers Blow Wolves Out Of Water In Third Quarter, Hang On To Win 120-108

The bench did their best to cough it up in the fourth, but the Sixers hung on to win.

Sixers vs Timberwolves Game Thread

Note the early tip-off!

Sixers Look to Clinch Playoff Spot, Winning Record Tonight Against Timberwolves

Let’s look back on the last five years without a playoff appearance before we gear up for a clinching game.

The Sixers Implode, Then Rise Above The Suns 123-110

Also, worries about Joel Embiid’s hand and a bingo recap

Sixers-Suns Game Thread

I made bingo cards

Sixers-Suns: Game Info, Preview, and Bingo

In the seemingly only warm part of the country, the Sixers look to heat up. Also, we’re playing Bingo.