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Straight out of Lower Merion, the Land of Kobe. Huge Philly sports fan, but the lack of love the Sixers get locally gives them a special place in his heart. Andre Iguodala Enthusiast.


Patience is a virtue.

LB Mock Draft #18: Suns Bring The Payne

Michigan State's Adreian Payne is our next selection in the mock draft.

Pimp Your Prospect: Vasilije Micic

Here is a player that could very well be available for the Sixers to take in the second round.

LB Mock Draft Pick #9: Hornets get Stauskas

The Michigan product did not receive a hat upon taking the stage, but one of those awesome old Starter jackets.

Andrew Wiggins: Freshman Report Card

Well, without the grades.

Sixers Smoked by Kitties

Woof City.

Sixers-Bobcats Game Thread

Eight left.

Sixers-Bobcats Preview

Last time the Sixers will play the *Bobcats* at home.

Pacers 99, Sixers 90: Not Too Bad

Sixers fall to Indiana on Monday night.

Sixers Fall to Pacers Reaction Thread

21 straight, a franchise record.