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Straight out of Lower Merion, the Land of Kobe. Huge Philly sports fan, but the lack of love the Sixers get locally gives them a special place in his heart. Andre Iguodala Enthusiast.

Learning to Love Wroten

Last year, I was confused. Now I realize that Tony Wroten is awesome.

Rockets 104, Sixers 93: Nerlens, K.J. Shine

It was a loss, but a productive night nonetheless at Wells Fargo Center.

Sixers-Rockets Game Thread

Fear The Beard.

Sixers-Rockets Preview

Nerlens Noel might get thrown into the fire tonight.

7 Days Till Sixers: Lottery Talk

Living in the fishbowl.

Best-Case Scenario

Embiid dunking, Noel swatting, Cater-Williams healthy.

Saric: What To Watch For At The World Cup

Dario as a point forward. Dario as a defender. Dario as Wario.

Noel-Embiid: Enough Shooting?

This is an article about JOEL EMBIID and NERLENS NOEL #Emb11dsAdvice

The Sixers Rebuild: What We've Learned

One year in, what can be definitively said about rebuilding life under Sam Hinkie?

Sixers Select Vasilije Micic

Including The Maestro.