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TJ McConnell at Rights To Ricky Sanchez Live Podcast

Markelle Fultz and the Shawshanking of the Process

It’s been an [INSERT ALL-ENCOMPASSING ADJECTIVE HERE] five years of trusting the process. Now it’s about to get good.

Lakers Beat Kings in Sixers Best Win of the Season

The PICK SWAP BOWL was a huge success for the team who didn’t play in it.

Sixers vs. Lakers Final Score: In Adriatic Croatia, Dario Tanks You

Philadelphia edged Los Angeles 118-116 with stakes only a percentages fan could love.

I Am A Sick, Sick Bastard Already Thinking About The Sixers 2017 Offseason

Longest view in the blog

2017 NBA Draft: Liberty Ballers Big Board 1.0

Our staff gives their top 20 expected prospects for the 2017 NBA Draft

Jahlil Okafor And As Much Optimism As I Can Muster

Jahlil was exactly the player we all expected him to be coming out of the draft. So why is everybody so mad?

Grading Every Move Of The Hinkie Era

An ode to Byron Mullens and Ronny Turiaf.

The Hinkie Article: The Podcast Interview

ESPN The Magazine's Jordan Brenner comes on The Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast to talk about his Sam Hinkie article.

PODCAST: How Did The Sixers Do?

in short: really, really well.