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Trade Embiid? History tells us that would not be wise for the Sixers

Joel Embiid is coming off an MVP season. The Sixers’ history of trading MVP-caliber players is nightmare fuel.

P.J. Tucker reflects on his time in Ukraine as the country remains in turmoil

The Sixers’ forward spent two seasons playing in Ukraine and can’t help but wonder the fate of those he knew.

As 1982-83 Sixers are celebrated, it’s hard not to see parallels with current group

Before getting to the mountaintop, the 1982-83 Sixers had their playoff disappointments — not unlike the team during the Joel Embiid era.

Former Sixer Andre Miller, still going with the flow, is trying his hand at coaching

Andre Miller’s Sixers tenure was fairly short, but one of his former assistant coaches from his time in Philly believes he can succeed as a coach.

How a tragic accident gave former Sixer Nikola Vucevic a ‘second birthday’

Monday is the anniversary of a train crash that took the lives of 47 people in Montenegro in 2006. Nikola Vucevic was among the survivors of the tragic accident.

‘It goes by so fast’ — Billy Cunningham reflects on his legendary Sixers career

Billy Cunningham is a Sixers franchise icon as both a player and coach. The Kangaroo Kid can’t believe how fast the time has flown by.

The strange and tragic case of retired Sixers big men suffering heart-related issues

Moses Malone seemed nearly invincible when he played, but he’s just one of several Sixers bigs that died from heart-related issues.

Dr. J’s grace and decency are ever-present

During a recent appearance, the characteristics that made Julius Erving so beloved in Philadelphia were on full display.

Sedale Threatt’s dunk attempt on Moses and a timeless approach to training camp

Sedale Threatt was a sixth-round pick by the defending champion Sixers and had to make an impression at training camp. Some current Sixers could learn from his story.