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Bryan Toporek is a Senior Multiplatform Editor at Bleacher Report who spends his free time covering the Sixers at Liberty Ballers (He isn't sure why, either). He's also a senior contributor at Forbes Sports and the co-host of The NBA Podcast. He still trusts the Process.

How the James Harden trade affects the Sixers’ 2024 salary-cap space

The Sixers could have more than $55 million in cap space next summer, giving them far more optionality than any other playoff contenders.

The Sixers might thread the needle on the gap-year plan thanks to the James Harden trade

Daryl Morey wanted the Sixers to be competitive this year while maintaining flexibility after the James Harden trade. Mission accomplished?

Could Klay Thompson be the Sixers’ marquee free-agent target in 2024?

The Golden State Warriors and Klay Thompson have a ‘significant gap’ in extension negotiations, which adds a wild card to the Sixers’ free-agency plans.

No matter what happens from here, Sixers fans should be grateful for the Joel Embiid era

Even if the Sixers’ championship window with Joel Embiid is closing, he’s already cemented himself as a franchise icon.

Why James Harden’s typical trade-request playbook likely won’t work with the Sixers

James Harden successfully forced his way off the Houston Rockets and Brooklyn Nets, but the third time might not be a charm in Philadelphia.

The Clippers might be the highest bidder for James Harden, but they still aren’t offering enough

Unless the Clippers up their offer for James Harden, there’s no end in sight for his trade-request standstill.

Woj: Sixers want to flip Clippers’ James Harden package for an All-Star guard

Was Daryl Morey’s 2024 cap-space plan a ruse all along?!

The Sixers’ roster crunch complicates James Harden trade talks with the Clippers

The Sixers are already over the 15-man regular-season roster limit, which could make it more difficult to find a workable James Harden trade with the Clippers.

Nick Nurse’s experimental style will be a breath of fresh air for the Sixers

Nick Nurse is renowned for being willing to experiment, which will be a complete 180 from the Doc Rivers era.

Daryl Morey urges Sixers fans to remain patient amidst James Harden drama

As James Harden prepares to make the Sixers ‘uncomfortable,’ team president Daryl Morey is aiming to remain level-headed.