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Bryan Toporek is a Senior Multiplatform Editor at Bleacher Report who spends his free time covering the Sixers at Liberty Ballers (He isn't sure why, either). He's also a senior contributor at Forbes Sports and the co-host of The NBA Podcast. He still trusts the Process.

The top 5 Sixers moments from the first half of the 2023-24 NBA season

The first half of the Sixers’ 2023-24 season had a surprising number of highs considering how they entered the year.

Daryl Morey is dropping breadcrumbs about his long-term Sixers strategy

The Sixers seem to be bracing for some potential fireworks this offseason thanks to the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement.

Sixers reportedly asked about LeBron James, Kevin Durant ahead of NBA trade deadline

The Sixers made a big splash at the trade deadline with Buddy Hield, but they were aiming even higher at first.

The Sixers should use an open roster spot on Ricky Council IV or Terquavion Smith

The Sixers should consider converting Ricky Council IV and/or Terquavion Smith from two-way contracts to standard deals.

An updated overview of the Sixers’ salary cap after the 2024 NBA trade deadline

Yes, the Cap Space Plan is officially a real thing for Daryl Morey and the Sixers.

Where the Sixers stand ahead of the 2024 NBA trade deadline

With less than 36 hours to go until the Feb. 8 trade deadline, there are far more questions about the Sixers than answers.

How Joel Embiid’s knee injury could impact Tobias Harris’ future with the Sixers

If the Sixers don’t expect to re-sign Tobias Harris this summer, should they look to move him by Thursday’s NBA trade deadline?

5 bigs the Sixers should pursue at the NBA trade deadline after Joel Embiid’s knee injury

The Sixers suddenly need a short-term stopgap at center thanks to Joel Embiid’s meniscus injury.

The recent Joel Embiid discourse has been shameful

After watching Joel Embiid hobble through his knee injury Tuesday night, certain media members should regret how they’ve spent the past few days discussing him.

De’Anthony Melton is the key to the 2024 NBA trade deadline for the Sixers

If the Sixers look to upgrade their starting lineup at the trade deadline, are we sure Melton won’t be included in the deal?