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Traded to Liberty Ballers in October 2015 as part of a three-way deal that sent the rights to Trust The Process™ to the Sixers. The Sacramento Kings inexplicably surrendered the right to swap first-round selections with Philadelphia in 2022 and 2023 in the trade. Formerly of and @Sixers. Never had a podcast.

Sixers Tinder: Ben Simmons is going to destroy us all next season

The NBA isn’t ready...

Sixers-Pacers Game Thread

Please Lord, end our misery...

Sixers defeat *Finals-contending Boston Celtics 105-99

*Eastern Conference Semi-

Sixers-Celtics Game Thread


Game thread: Sixers-Wizards

It’s Dario time...

Preview: Tonight vs. the Wizards and the 25 games that follow

We’re in for a very "process" two months...

James Harden vs. The Sixers: 123-118

The Process was awesome, but the Beard was better

Sixers-Rockets Game Thread

The Process has gone mainstream

Sixers-Rockets Preview: Let’s Shift The Narrative

If the Sixers win this game, everything changes...

2017 NBA Draft: Liberty Ballers Big Board 1.0

Our staff gives their top 20 expected prospects for the 2017 NBA Draft