Sixers Cap situation this summer

With all the talk of what we should or shouldn't do this summer, I figured I'd post our actual cap situation and then we can share thoughts...

Assuming we bring Reed back (either by requirement or by choice), he an Joel are the only actual contracts on the books. The rest are cap holds. Here's where we stand:

Embiid $51.4M

Reed: $7.7M

Tobias $46.9M

Hield $28.9M

Batum $17.6M

Covington $17.5M

Melton $15.2M

Maxey $13.0M

That's a total of $198.2M

Add on incomplete roster charges (12x$1.2M = $14.4M) incomplete roster charges and we are at $212.6M

Also, there is a cap hold for our 1st round pick. I will estimate it to be #18, so 120% of $3M is $3.6M, leaving us at $216.2M

The salary cap is projected to be $141M, so we are $75.2M over the cap.

If the plan is to sign someone using cap space (or take on "dumps" using cap space), we need to clear $75.2M PLUS whatever we would need to pay to new, incoming players not on minimum deals.

So my question to all of you...

If this is the route we take, what do you feel would be the optimal "realistic" plan to go about it?

*NOTE: I have learned from BanAc4 that cap holds do not take a roster spot, so we will have 12 incomplete roster charges. I have adjusted the numbers above.

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