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Pat Bev claims Morey assured him he wouldn’t be traded on recent podcast

Well, James Harden might have something to say about the latest accusation lobbied at Sixers’ President Daryl Morey by Patrick Beverley on the PatBev pod.

Philadelphia 76ers v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Well, well, well, a familiar tune is being sung by another former Rockets and Sixers player.

After the Sixers surprised many of us by trading their stalwart reserve guard Patrick Beverley to the rival Milwaukee Bucks of all teams, we also got hit with a bit of intrigue as well.

First, it was the Pat BevPod X handle that broke the news:

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski next confirmed the trade news by noting the veteran point guard was heading to Milwaukee. That was a head-scratcher because Doc Rivers new team has been spiraling since they can’t get defensive stops. Beverley is an excellent fit there now. So why would the 76ers help a team they’re currently competing against?

The Sixers landed Cam Payne (a 39.7% three-point shooter vs. Beverley’s 32.3%) and a 2027 second-round pick. The Sixers rank among the bottom five teams in the league for three-point shooting, so perhaps that was their thought process.

Is Kyle Lowry headed here on the buyout market? Still, why trade a team leader to Giannis and co.?

But in case that wasn’t enough to get us confused, now this:

On a recent episode of the “Pat Bev Podcast with Rone,” Beverley and co-host Rone have the following exchange, which has since been shared by the podcast’s official X handle:

Beverley: “So we playing in Denver and I hit Daryl Morey with ‘hey, I’m getting traded?’ ‘You? No. No, not you, no. Of course not.’

Rone: “So he’s a liar.”

Beverley: “(laughs) What you guys think, you feel me? Like you know. There’s probably a bigger move that’s about to happen. Certainly you wanna win right now, you know, a player like me, I wanna win right now. So now I get a chance to be with Doc [Rivers] too... I can’t wait.”

Beverley didn’t seem to want to get into it further than he did, but shortly thereafter he (or another producer) shared the clip on the channel’s official X handle, and then followed that up by retweeting James Harden’s most famous charge against Morey:

That of course, is when Harden, over the summer claimed “Daryl Morey is a liar and I will never be a part of an organization that he’s a part of.”

Harden would clarify (or claim) he said this because he wasn’t traded to the Clippers in as timely a fashion as he’d hoped. But most fans and reporters it seemed at the time concluded that what Harden was actually referencing was the max-level contract he expected that never came.

So now we have another former Sixer calling the team president’s credibility into question. Morey, who very much values his credibility, will not like this one bit and it’ll be another headache for the team.

They won’t be investigated or reinvestigated for any tampering this time, like they were when Harden made his accusation. But it’s never a great look when a player as well-respected as Pat Bev league-wide echoes a tune that Harden, currently thriving on the Clippers, so recently sang.

In the sake of fairness, we should point out that Pat Bev praised Morey in his farewell tweet to Philly.

If the accusation is true, it begs the question: why wouldn’t Morey be honest with Beverley and simply say something like ‘yeah, it’s possible, but I’m not sure yet’? Or ‘I don’t plan to but you never know, I can’t make any promises.’

On the flip side, if the claim is not true, why would Beverley make it? Could there have been a misunderstanding?

Anyway, the deadline is now over and I guess we can think about how these now multiple public attacks on Morey’s trustworthiness might impact b-ball operations in the future, if at all.

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