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Report: Joel Embiid expected to be out for six to eight weeks

The Sixers are going to be without Joel Embiid for at least six to eight weeks, according to the latest reported timeline.

Philadelphia 76ers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Joel Embiid underwent successful surgery for his injured meniscus on Tuesday, and the Sixers have announced that he’ll be re-evaluated in four weeks.

The latest update from Shams Charania isn’t exactly adding much to what we already knew, but he has offered a slightly revised timeline from the four-week evaluation period. While expecting Embiid to return in as soon as one month never seemed realistic anyway, Charania said on a new podcast with John Clark that, “it’s likely going to be anywhere between six to eight weeks before any type of return.”

“But at the end of the day, his rehab, his recovery, that’s all going to play the biggest role in terms of a return timetable,” Charania added — just as we’d all expect. Charania also continued to reiterate the positivity we’ve heard that the Sixers have a strong belief Embiid can return to play this season, saying “there’s hope he’s going to be back at the near end of the season.”

Well, as the shorthanded Sixers’ season continues, there’s also Thursday’s NBA trade deadline to think about. And because of that belief in Embiid returning this season, the knowledge of how good the team can be when healthy, and apparently accepting the risks involved with making a deal right now, the Sixers are reportedly staying aggressive in trade talks and looking at multiple moves to improve.

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