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Report: Embiid diagnosed with ‘displaced flap of the meniscus’ in knee, weighing rehab vs. procedure

Broken orbitals, navicular bones, LCLs, sesame allergies, and now displaced flaps... apparently we have a new Sixers injury diagnosis for our pained fanbase to frenetically research and speculate about.

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Philadelphia 76ers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Navicular bones, lumbar spondylosis, sesame and or peanut allergy, orbital fractures, scapular dyskinesis, thoracic outlet syndrome, the list of season-altering Sixers injuries we were forced to learn about was already vast.

But now we must add a new one to our collective, long-suffering lexicon.

A displaced flap of the meniscus is what Shams Charania of The Athletic reports the reigning MVP was diagnosed with:

Apparently, Joel and the team are mulling over options between a rest-rehab treatment, hoping for the issue to resolve enough on its own for him to return, or a “procedure.”

Charania reports:

“[Embiid was] diagnosed with a displaced flap of the meniscus in his left knee and is considering surgery, two sources briefed on his prognosis told The Athletic.

A displaced flap is considered to be a type of tear of the meniscus, according to orthopedic knee specialists. Embiid, his doctors and the 76ers are continuing to discuss whether the best course of action is to rest and rehab the injury or to undergo a procedure that would require him to miss extended time....

One source close to Embiid suggested a decision would be made by Monday.”

It sounds like they may decide which way to go by as early as Monday.

When we hear the word “procedure” my instincts (non-doctor guess so TFWIW) tell me it would be arthroscopic surgery, where they insert a scope into the knee and learn more about the ailment, while hopefully repairing it as well.

Depending on what the clean-up might call for, and how that procedure goes would tell the team more about Embiid’s eventual recovery time.

The ideal scenario of course would be avoiding surgery altogether; however, if that plan didn’t work, if a couple of weeks went by, and he ultimately did need the procedure anyway, that could potentially cost Embiid even more valuable basketball time.

Nothing is sweet around these parts. It was borderline criminal Joel was cleared to play vs. the Golden State Warriors, and it was far, far worse that he was permitted to continue playing while clearly looking hobbled and at high risk for a more serious issue than he was previously dealing with (knee swelling and soreness).

Charnia continues:

“Embiid began dealing with what was termed as “soreness” and “swelling” in the left knee in early January and missed three games earlier in the month due to the injury. A Sixers source told The Athletic’s Sam Amick that Embiid has been managing soreness in his knee for much of the season.”

When it rains it pours. And his repeat MVP chances are now likely gone. If surgery is in the cards, we may know as soon as Monday.

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