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‘Out of Site’ podcast: Another MVP for Jo? Maxey is an All-Star, Nurse is a maestro, a slew of trade scenarios

How did the Sixers surprise us all being this good on both ends of the floor? How did Tyrese Maxey and Joel Embiid become THIS good? How awesome is Nick Nurse? And what potential NBA trades do we have our eye on?

Chicago Bulls v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

It has been a long time since your hosts Adio Royster and David Early got together to talk Philadelphia 76ers. Maybe they just haven’t been able to formulate the takes and stunning commentary you would expect (given the offseason) because they’ve had to flip the script?

Subtract James Harden. Subtract Doc Rivers. Insert Nick Nurse. Insert All-Star level Tyrese Maxey.

After all of that, your Sixers are 23-10 after 33 games of the 2023-2024 season, and there is a lot to be happy about.

The team looks clean and crisp. The ball is moving and players without a lengthy history of buying in defensively are in fact, buying in defensively!

They’re a half-game back from the Milwaukee Bucks for the two-seed and three back from the dreaded Boston Celtics for the top seed in the conference. Who knew all of this was possible back when we were buckling up for another Ben Simmons-like stalemate?

Maybe we should have known given Joel Embiid’s always expanding and continuing on his MVP-iid level play. Maybe we should have known given Tyrese Maxey joining forces with Drew Hanlen last summer, and his own personal mantra of improving one percent each and every day.

Maxey’s improved ability to slow down and draw fouls in the paint, go left, and create his own shot utilizing some Harden-bestowed step-back powers have upped his game to the next level. And the Embiid-Maxey two-man game has been lethal.

Adio Royster and Dave Early discuss all of that as well as what the Sixers should do going forward in terms of trade possibilities. Yes, we talk about the OG Anunoby trade and if we should feel OK or badly about that. Yes, we talk a potential Zach LaVine-Alex Caruso for Tobias Harris and Marcus Morris Sr. deal.

We talk about Pascal Siakam, Keldon Johnson, Kyle Kuzma, Delon Wright, Mikal Bridges and other hot names. And we talk about what pie-in-the-sky scenarios could arise if they stay pat and keep their eyes on the summer when they’ll have up to five first-round-picks, along with more than a max slot to offer names like Paul George, Kawhi Leonard and others who may grow disgruntled with more playoff letdowns.

Do you need another star, or do you need complementary pieces?

(Note: Yes, Adio did bring up D’Angelo Russell as part of his personal crusade to get D’Lo in a Sixers uniform.)

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