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Tyrese Maxey featured on SLAM cover

The much-deserved hype train rolls on for the Sixers’ rising star.

Philadelphia 76ers v Denver Nuggets Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

While things are spiraling down in many ways for the Philadelphia 76ers, largely in relation to the health of Joel Embiid, at least one thing has been a positive of late: much-deserved shine for Tyrese Maxey at a national level. I wrote yesterday how Maxey was listed as 9th league-wide in jersey sales. Today, Maxey was featured on the latest cover of SLAM.

Tyrese is definitely a fan of how it turned out.

I do dig that shirt, which can be yours in black, white, or red for $45, plus shipping.

Maxey is following in the footsteps of another Sixers franchise guard, Allen Iverson, who had many tremendous SLAM covers over the years, none more iconic than the Soul On Ice shot from March of 1999. While Maxey’s cover debut has a ways to go to reach The Answer’s level of swag, you love to see the 23-year-old’s profile continue to rise well beyond the fans in the Delaware Valley.

Tomorrow night, we’ll continue what is quickly becoming the Week of Maxey in seeing if Tyrese earns his first All-Star nod as an Eastern Conference reserve. Two guards and two wild card spots are available for Maxey to gain a spot. After Tyrese Haliburton and Damian Lillard earned the starting spots, Jalen Brunson, Donovan Mitchell, and Trae Young would figure to be the other guards alongside Maxey in the mix.

In the meantime, I’m sure some of those people buying all those Maxey jerseys will also be sporting a SLAM cover tee in the near future.

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