Misinformation Around Embiid's Numbers: Setting the Record Straight

Over the past few weeks, Embiid has been on a tear, and has shown us that he is still one of the best players in the league. However, I have recently noticed a lot of lies and slander being spread about Embiid's numbers across social media, largely concerning his numbers against teams with a winning record. Probably the worst example of this was a tweet that garnered nearly 800k impressions.

These are the stats that the account claimed Embiid was averaging against teams that are above .500.

24.8 ppg

9.6 rpg

5.2 apg

1.5 bpg

These numbers, however, are completely untrue, and when I calculated them myself you can see that the actual stats he put up against these teams are significantly better:

32.9 ppg

10.4 rpg

6.1 apg

1.6 bpg

This is barely scratching the surface with the amount of anti-Embiid content being pushed around the internet that has soured the incredible season he has accumulated. It's pretty crazy to see just how many are dedicated to pushing false narratives around this guy and spreading lies to try and damage his reputation. Criticising his playoff success and postseason performances is one thing, but blatantly spreading fake stats to try and bring his incredible season down is just crazy.

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