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Kevin Durant: ‘All Joel need is 3 quarters. That’s funny’

Kevin Durant, edging closer and closer to Rushmore of GOATS, always seems to go out of his way to compliment the great Joel Embiid.

Brooklyn Nets v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Kevin Durant has spent more than a contest or two exchanging barbs with Joel Embiid. The two have been spotted jawing at one another, taking turns waving the (night’s) loser off the court, but also complimenting one another.

And Durant, who has famously (around here) supported Embiid’s MVP bids over rivals, has logged on Twitter once again to weigh in on Embiid’s dominance:

“All Joel need is 3 quarters. That’s funny” Durant posted from his official X account.

(We haven’t gone searching for any of his new possible burners; we here, only wanted to find Colangelo’s burners because he wasn’t a true ally. KD is. IFYYK.)

Durant is referring to Embiid’s tendency to well... obliterate any and all challengers within three quarters or less of playing time.

Recall, that there have been several occasions this season where Embiid has bought himself some “old-school” load management; that is, playing and helping his team to a blowout win so badly that the team’s bench can handle all fourth-quarter mop-up duty.

Embiid is squarely in the MVP race, and he’s got this streak going where he records at least 30 points and 10 boards. And everyone around here cares a ton about this record:

While few diehard fans want to see Embiid and the team continue to prioritize his MVP narratives and stats over his health (he missed a handful of recent games nursing a sore ankle and knee), we should take a moment’s pause and remind ourselves: one of the several greatest players in history in KD, is a true believer in Joel Embiid’s talent. Not much more needs to be said. It’s an automatic mic drop moment from KD.

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