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Potential trade target Dejounte Murray now listed questionable vs. Sixers

A familiar name on the Sixersphere trade rumormill has just popped up late on the Atlanta Hawks’ injury report... (EMOJI EYES!!!)

Atlanta Hawks v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Philadelphia 76ers have hit a slide that coincided with Joel Embiid’s playing on an injured ankle and knee recently.

(While Joel may have been able to maintain a historic double-double streak, I’m not sure many hometown fans care about that stuff as much as they do the reigning MVP remaining healthy during the 82-game grind.)

The team has dropped four of their last seven games, and after losing two straight, they’re just 5-5 over their last ten. So do they need to be aggressive players at this season’s 2024 NBA Trade Deadline?

One such player whose name has popped up in connection with the 76ers has been Atlanta Hawks’ combo guard Dejounte Murray. While some fans were hoping to get a close look at Murray playing alongside point guard Trae Young during Wednesday’s battle of Eastern Conference playoff hopefuls, the former San Antonio Spurs’ 2022 All-Star has now been downgraded to “questionable” on the latest team injury report.

(Emoji eyes).

Is this one of those situations where a trade could be on the 10-yard line, and two or more teams don’t want anything to derail their momentum? Could one of those teams involved be the Sixers?

Our Bryan Toporek delved into the latest scuttlebutt surrounding the Sixers-Murray rumors, and crunched some cap numbers for us recently. So what do we think? Has Murray sprung a bum hammy this late before a game, or could something be underway in terms of a blockbuster trade? It’s likely the former, but the latter would be fun.

Or wait, come to think of it, maybe it’s a little of both?

Remember a couple of days before the Sixers acquired James Harden back in 2022, and many fans and reporters speculated Beard (or the Nets) were faking a hamstring injury to help expedite a trade?

Welp... turns out Harden really did have a balky hammy which would limit him the rest of the season. Womp womp.

So sometimes these things aren’t always mutually exclusive. But seriously folks, Murray may just have a sore hamstring and there’s nothing there yet on the trade horizon.

The Sixers are getting healthier now that they’ve had a few days rest. But we’ll have to keep a close eye on if any of their players miss Wednesday’s action as well.

For now, I’ll just say I think Murray allegedly has a hamstring, but he’s definitely on the block.

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