Some thoughts on roster issue resolution - big picture thinking

So since my last post we are five weeks closer to making the move to untangle the Harden mess.

To my way of thinking it will go down around three or four weeks from now.

But what??

So part one is we take the pu pu platter:

Harden and Korkmaz for Powell Batum Covington plus the Clippers 2028 first

Part two follows right on the heels of part one:

Re-ship Powell and the 2028 first Harris Melton and Springer for

Lavine and and DeRozan

You now have Embiid Reed DeRozan Lavine and Maxey

Bench is Covington Batum Tucker plus the rest of the incumbents plus our early summer FA signings

Pretty potent starting lineup with a very veteran bench

Don’t like that?

How about part three then:

Embiid and Tucker for Siakam and Anunoby

Really going full process #2 if you go that route!

Thoughts? Who is for parts one and two?

Who wants to go all the way to part three??

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