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‘Out of Site’ pod: Sixers vs. Harden, tampering investigations, PatBev comments, trade rumors

Just another day of the week around here. Daryl Morey squares off vs. James Harden, the NBA opens up an investigation following Harden’s claims, Pat Beverley’s comments.

James Harden China Tour In Shanghai Photo by Tang Yanjun/China News Service/VCG via Getty Images

The Philadelphia 76ers vs. James Harden continues!

Our Tom West wrote about the NBA launching an investigation into what led Harden to call Daryl Morey a “liar” while entertaining a group of fans in China.

There has been much speculation as far as what kind of off-the-record “deal” Harden and Morey may or may not have made last offseason.

Fans and some prominent players (Danny Green and Patrick Beverley) have discussed the possibility of something shady going down. Is that what led Harden to say such things about his BFF? Well apparently not, as Harden shared something different with the NBA.

It could also be as simple as Harden being upset that Morey did not trade him to his only choice of destination — the Los Angeles Clippers.

Adio Royster and David Early discuss these new aspects of the latest never-ending Sixers’ drama.

After the break, they try to gain a sense of what locker room chemistry would look like with Harden in town. Jackson Frank posted an SB Nation Poll and 36% of respondents believe there will NOT be a Harden trade before the season begins on Oct. 28 against the Milwaukee Bucks in Wisconsin.

Right now, Joel Embiid is supposedly happy to be a Sixer — which is what ESPN’s Ramona Shelbourne is claiming. However, she also adds some details that make us wonder just how much patience Joel has left here.

Finally, comments made by newly signed guard Patrick Beverly poses more headaches for a team just looking to improve a seemingly toxic atmosphere.

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