Morey or Chucky?

We can say Sixers of season wasn't that fun, so let's do an exercise just for fan. This exercise it's a what if but not in the way we use to. It wouldn't be an what if we kept Butler or Mikal. Those was some big decisions to make. This exercise is about how we would look today if we didn't made decisions at all. So, to honor the decision of not making decisions, Sixers instead of Morey hire a doll. Since Barbie wasn't that popular at 2020 they hired Chucky doll for $299 to be the president of basketball operations.

Since Chucky was a killer in negotiations, other GM's refused to make trades with him. Even free agents including our own UFA was scared sign/resign with us.

For this exercise, we narrow the what if to the minimum. Drafts orders were preserved regardless team needs, players out of the league today (Zhaire) or in TW contracts (Madelon) stay out and players with contracts with us or other teams was signed with the exact same contract. Players that demanded a trade (Simmons) was traded again but this time they were traded for the first available offer [Brogdon and a pick (report saying Pacers didn't offer 2022 pick so no Mathurin, sorry) so we have to assume it was the 2023 pick). Our RFA was back with the same contract they was signed with us or other teams.

Based on the above, this is how 2023-24 Sixers roster would look

G T. Maxey 22 ($4,3m rookie scale expiring restricted)

G. M. Brogdon 30 ($45m/2)

G/F M. Thibulle 25 ($33m/3 PO for 2025-26)

F T. Harris 31 ($39,3m expiring)

C. J. Embiid 29 ($213m/4, PO for 2026-27)

G. Micic 29 ($24/3)

G. I Joe 24 ($4m/2 TO for 2024-25)

F. B. Coulibaly 19 (R pick #7, rookie scale)

F/C P. Reed 24 ($24m/3 not guaranty)

C. C. Bassey 22 ($7,6m/3 not guaranty)

G J. Springer 20 (rookie scale)

G/F C. Jones 21 (R pick 34, $8,8m/4 TO 2026-27)

F B. Sensabaugh 19 (R pick 28, rookie scale)

F. D. Roddy 22 (2022 pick #23, rookie scale)

F/C J. Sims 25 ($4m/2, TO 2024-25)

Team stands $3m below salary tax line and $10,2m below the first apron.

Additional picks:

2025 FRP OWN, 2027 FRP OWN, 2024 SRP OWN, 2024 MIA SPR (TOP 55), 2025 SRP OWN, 2026 SRP OWN

Picks removed:

2024 NYK SRP, 2029 POR SRP

So how would you rate Chucky? For $299 Is he as good as Morey? Worse? Better?

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