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New ‘Out of Site’ pod: James Harden-Clippers rumors, debating Harden’s stance, fan apathy, Reed & more

A round up of Sixers updates with everything from Terance Mann’s availability in a potential trade, critiquing Damian Lillard’s position, Harden’s legacy and trade request & more.

Boston Celtics v Philadelphia 76ers - Game Four Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Adio Royster and David Early go on vacation for two weeks, and all hell breaks loose in the Philadelphia 76ers landscape.

Fans are down on the Sixers’ offseason. A recent SB Nation Reacts poll started by Jackson Frank of Liberty Ballers suggests that fans are grading this offseason kind of harshly.

(The 51% percent of you that graded “D” or “F”, anyways.)

A good amount are grading as “incomplete” depending on the trade status of Damian Lillard or James Harden.

Speaking of which, there have been updates for both players! Damian Lillard wants out of Portland (to Miami only), and he and his agent get slapped down by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

James Harden still wants to be traded, but the one team he wants to go to isn’t playing nice when it comes to shelling out proper pieces (or even pieces that keep the Sixers contending).

We debate Tracy McGrady’s harsh comments for Harden. Should he have had more success given the amount of future Hall of Famers he’s partnered up with? Does his position make sense? Is it similar or different from Damian Lillard’s?

How is the rest of this offseason going to go with training camp right around the corner?

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