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Doc Rivers advised Patrick Beverley on Sixers signing: ‘They need you’

Doc Rivers had a lot to say when talking with Patrick Beverley before the guard signed with the Sixers in free agency.

Los Angeles Lakers v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Before Patrick Beverley agreed to sign with the Sixers on a one-year, veteran minimum deal, he talked with now former Philadelphia head coach Doc Rivers to get some advice.

The Sixers’ new guard revealed on his podcast what Rivers had to say.

“Before I like to make any life decision, I like to hit Doc,” Beverley said. “Obviously, Doc is a mentor, Doc is damn near father figure, Doc is everything. I need something, I need answers, I need help, I hit Doc.”

When asking Rivers what he thought of the situation in Philly, Beverley said Doc replied with the following: “‘I love Philadelphia for you. They need you. You will be great with Joel [Embiid], James [Harden] — he respects you, you will be great with him. If I had you last season, we would have been a different team.’”

Beverley played a few seasons for Rivers during their time with the Clippers. They have real history together and clearly have a strong relationship. It’s not surprising they talked before Beverley signed with the team that Rivers has only just finished coaching, and Doc offered plenty of support.

Beverley could’ve helped the Sixers last season. But would he have helped to the point where they were really a “different team”? Different enough to not collapse in the second round and waste their chances to defeat the Celtics? As helpful a role player as Beverley is, no amount of his hustle or defense would’ve saved the Sixers from Harden and Embiid’s shortcomings to close that series.

Beverley is a positive signing, though, and Rivers’ endorsement of joining the Sixers clearly helped settle Beverley’s decision to sign.

He’s been a solid three-point shooter over his career, his signature intensity and defensive tools are well known, and he closed last season strong in his stint with the Bulls. And on a minimum contract, it’s hard to complain with that kind of value.

As for what’s next, it sure would help if the Sixers could figure out the Harden trade situation and actually make some other moves in free agency.

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