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Paul Reed shows out in Brotherly Love Pro-Am

Paul Reed was looking like Pascal Siakam 2.0.

NBA: Playoffs-Philadelphia 76ers at Boston Celtics Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

‘Tis the season of workout videos and offseason runs, and Paul Reed, known for his notorious work ethic, is the latest Sixer to showcase his skills in an exhibition. Recently, Reed made an effort to boost his vertical and athleticism during the previous offseason, and now, he’s honing his perimeter shooting, as evidenced from his display during Tuesday night’s game at the Brotherly Love Pro-Am.

This league doesn’t keep track of box scores, but the highlights above alone account for 17 points, three made threes, a beautiful full-court pass and a handful of steals and blocks. When interviewed, Reed stated that his barber was the reason he came out to the event and played.

B-Ball Paul and Sixers new head coach Nick Nurse have kept in contact this offseason. Nurse informed the young big that he intends to ‘mold’ Paul Reed into a ‘Pascal Siakam-type player’, which would call for him spacing the floor and playing power forward next to Joel Embiid. While he won’t be shooting threes off the dribble often in the league, it’s good to see him refining a necessary part of his game.

His perimeter shooting hasn’t translated in the NBA yet, but there is some reason to believe it can improve given time and reps. Through 24 G League games across two seasons, Reed shot 44.1 percent from three on nearly four attempts per game. His free throw percentage, which is often an indictor of where a player’s shot is, did increase to 74.5 percent last season.

With *six* centers on the roster and trade discussions involving P.J. Tucker, it’s likely that Paul Reed will find more playing time at the power forward position. If he can consistently make three-point shots, it will be difficult not to elevate his role within the team.

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