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Tracy McGrady sounds off on James Harden’s trade request

Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady did not hold back when asked about his thoughts on James Harden’s trade request from the Sixers.

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Since James Harden has asked out, it’s left many scratching their heads on exactly why he wants out. Is it strictly a money thing? Or a reason on the court? Maybe something else entirely? We simply don’t know.

Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady was interviewed by Howard Beck on several topics, including James Harden’s trade demand. Spoiler alert: He didn’t hold back.

Howard Beck: As we speak, we’re waiting on potential blockbuster deals involving Damian Lillard and James Harden, who both made trade demands. We’ve seen a massive surge of forced trades in recent years. Any thoughts?

Tracy McGrady: The evolution of the NBA. You get hit with some shit each and every year. Dame, to me, it was time. But if I’m Portland, I got to do what’s best for our franchise, as well. I’m not gonna give away you, Dame, with you just coming off averaging 32 points. You still got game. I gotta get someone back that’s All-Star caliber. And I don’t understand for the life of me what James Harden is doing. Why are you trying to get out?

The Damian Lillard trade request is cut-and-dry, outside of him only providing one team as a possible destination. I think we can all agree it was long overdue. McGrady elaborated further on Harden:

Beck: He’s demanded a trade away from the reigning MVP!

McGrady: That makes zero sense to me. Not only that, but I look at all the teammates he’s played with. James has probably played with more Hall of Famers than anybody in the league, and he doesn’t have a ring to show for it. I don’t know what he’s looking for. And maybe there’s some internal bullshit that is going on that we don’t know about. Because it doesn’t make any sense to me to leave the MVP, and the Eastern Conference, where you have a shot to at least play for a championship. It’s got to be something deeper than what you know. Get over it, man.

This marks Harden’s third trade request in as many years, leaving many within the league feeling exasperated with his persistent demands. McGrady points out that Harden has had the privilege of playing alongside a plethora of talent, including Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and, of course, Joel Embiid. Although there were seasons where he undoubtedly carried the Houston Rockets, it’s undeniable that he had opportunities with prominent players by his side.

Unfortunately, it appears that resolving Harden’s trade request won’t happen any time soon, and the ensuing weeks and months are likely to be filled with further rumors and reports. Perhaps these speculations will shed light on some of the unanswered questions surrounding the situation.

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