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‘Out of Site’: Butler torments, Cassell bolts to Celtics, VanVleet rumors?

Adio and Dave dive into the latest Fred VanVleet rumors, Sam Cassell leaving the Sixers, and talk about the NBA Finals where Jimmy Butler continues to force us all to wonder what if.

2023 NBA Finals - Game Two Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The Philadelphia 76ers coaching staff is getting poached once again. This time it’s by a dreaded division rival — the Boston Celtics.

Shams Charania reported that the Celtics will be getting Sixers former assistant coach Sam Cassell to help Joe Mazzulla on their sidelines for next season.

Adio and David talk about the implications of that news. Is it a big loss, or not so much? Why hasn’t Cassell been given a shot at a head coaching job yet? Could he fill in for Mazzulla if there’s an in-season firing? Will Cassell’s once stated reluctance to lean on analytics clash with Celts’ numbers loving GM Brad Stevens? Is that maybe why he’s out in Philly?

Does this, allowing Nick Nurse to onboard his own staff, signal a change in Philly from the old days where the team expected new hires to work with folks from the last failed regime?

Then there’s another rumor that hints Nurse may be getting an old running buddy of his from Toronto — Mr. Fred VanVleet — as a possible alternative if James Harden were not re-signed by the Sixers. Is that something FVV would love?

After the break, the tandem break down what they’ve thought of the NBA Finals so far, and look at the performance of one Jimmy Butler — who may have ascended to the top of the list of “biggest NBA free agent blunders”.

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