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Eagles’ Brandon Graham wants Sixers to give Tyrese Maxey ‘a real chance’

Brandon Graham made an unprompted call to WIP (one of us) to discuss the Sixers and put his support behind Tyrese Maxey.

Charlotte Hornets v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Plenty of recent airtime on WIP has been spent fielding calls about the Sixers and what they should do next after another playoff flameout.

Should they re-sign James Harden?

Should they trade Joel Embiid? (LOL)

Can they move off Tobias Harris’ contract?

Should they pursue Bradley Beal? How about Fred VanVleet?

A WIP caller by the name of Brandon had a suggestion: give the ball to Tyrese Maxey. Why is it notable? Because the caller was Brandon Graham — Pro Bowler, Super Bowl Champion and author of unquestionably the biggest play in Eagles franchise history.

Graham, a former first-round pick himself, understands the pressure a player like Maxey feels. He also knows that Philly is not the most patient city. (Funny how nobody brings up Earl Thomas when they mention Graham anymore!)

Of all the options for the Sixers to consider, Graham believes investing in Maxey’s growth is the best one. He said the following on the Marks & Reese Show on Wednesday:

“I’m hoping the Sixers figure it out, though,” Graham told Jon Marks and Ike Reese. “You got a young player in Maxey, but you got to take the emotion out of it. I heard y’all say you can get more picks. I know the cap is low on who you can get. Bradley Beal, you got to think about the age difference between Maxey and him. Maxey, I feel like man, give him a real chance. It’s all about the patience people want to have with certain players. Taking the emotion out of it, we going to do what is best for the team as always, we know that as players. Maxey, man, I like him a lot.”

Whether you agree with his opinion or not, Brandon Graham really is one of us.

You can check out the full audio below:

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