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Podcast: An emergency ‘Out of Sight’ reacting to EMBIID WINNING MVP and Harden’s nuclear Game 1

Pinch us.

It is all good in the Philadelphia 76ers neighborhood!

Joel Embiid was named the MVP for the 2022-2023 season (in an unexpected runaway), and the Sixers stole game one of their Eastern Conference Semifinals series against the Boston Celtics, 119-115.

Embiid was officially named the MVP earning 73 of the first place votes (15 for Nikola Jokic; 12 for Giannis Antetokounmpo) to get his first MVP trophy after being the runner up for the last two seasons.


Here’s what Joel said to his teammates, posted by the Sixers on Twitter:

“It would not be possible without you guys. All you guys, not just the players. Y’know, for the guys that have been here since the Process days, we’ve been through a lot. And I thank you guys for always believing in me...uh, yeah, like I said, I appreciate you guys and we’re gonna celebrate this like I said for five minutes, it’s been longer than five minutes, [lots of laughs from the team] we’re gonna do it and focus on Game two.”

The Process was brilliant.

Marc Zumoff voice: and oh by the way, James Harden pulled a magnificent performance out of his bag to the tune of 45 points including the dagger three with 8.4 seconds left.

Adio and Dave look back at The Process, recall some of the ole “they shoulda drafted Dante Exum” stuff, Joel’s ascension, how he gets impossibly better each offseason, what he worked on following that Heat series last year, looking at the breakdown of votes, and then moving on to some talk about Game one, and how James Harden went nuclear. Is there signs of a break through for Tyrese Maxey vs. dreaded Boston?

Game two looms on Wednesday night. Let’s dive in!

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