My ideal offseason plan

Hey Y'all. I have been thinking long and hard about what moves we can make this offseason and there have been many since there are multiple paths this team can take this offseason to go forward. To this point I have not come up with a plan better than this one which I believe would have us as title favorites going into the season.

This could be multiple trades but I am going to wrap it all up into one for simplicity

First I will list the players/picks moving out for all teams involved

Sixers are trading Harris and Melton

Mavs are trading Bertans and Hardaway

Spurs are trading Graham and McDermott

Nets are trading Finney-Smith

And now for the fun part, where the players are going!

The Sixers get Finney-Smith, McDermott, Graham, 2024 2nd round pick from either Pelicans or Bulls via Spurs

Mavs get Harris

Spurs get Bertans and Melton

Nets get Hardaway and Mavs 2026 1st likely protected top 10

Heres how I break down all the moves. The Sixers are moving Harris to the Mavs for Hardaway, Bertans, and their 2026 1st top 10 protected. The Mavs need to add better talent around Doncic. Hardaway and Bertans arent doing buch of anything for them and are under contract for 2 more seasons. Trading them for Harris gets them a significantly better player whom is also an expiring deal so if the Mavs wanted to, they could let Harris walk and create a ton of cap space for the 2024 offseason to sign guys to play with Doncic. Given those incentives for the Mavs, thats why they need to throw us a 1st round pick, since we are taking not 1 but 2 worse players signed for the future.

The Sixers then take those players and look at the Spurs. Bertans was playing under Pop when he was playing at his best so perhaps Pop can get that out of him again. Also the Spurs who are in rebuild mode, move off of an older guard in Graham for a younger guard that fits their timeline in Melton. Given that Melton is the best player in this deal, thats why I think the Spurs throwing us a 2nd rounder is fair but if they said no 2nd rounder or no deal, I could live with that and do the deal.

Lastly, we look at the Nets. The Nets are in an oddish spot where they have some solid talent but no top level players. One thing they do have a bunch of are wings and the Sixers could still use one more solid wing. Given that the Nets are likely still looking to recoup 1st round picks from the previous years of trading for Harden among others, we could send them Hardaway plus the 1st we just got from the Mavs for DFS. If the Nets wanted a 2nd in addition to get this deal done whether its the one we get from the Spurs or one we have, I would be okay with that. The additional 1st as mentioned helps restock their 1st round picks which they could try and use in the future to trade for a star or if not, draft players they need to build around Bridges.

I want to note that all of these moves above in the end save us about 7mil in cap space which is important as we can use that money to make sure we resign Reed. As long as all of these moves go as planned, we can move onto FA where we would be resigning Reed and Harden. Yes I understand some of you dont wana pay Harden a near max but the moves made above are being made with the intention of resigning Harden because they fill needs that we have and I believe make us title favorites. Also we would be using our MLE to bring in a wing like Oubre or Saric or Jones Jr. for example. We would also sign Patrick Beverly to a vet min contract again with the allure of being on a title contender and it seems like he wants to play with Harden again. Now that we have resigned both guys, here is what our roster looks like.

Starters: Harden Maxey DFS Tucker Embiid

Back ups: Graham Beverly Wing MLE McDermott Reed

Bench: Springer House, Korkmaz, Harrell, plus 1 open roster spot

On a side note, I would be perfectly okay not signing Beverly and letting Springer get those minutes

In the end we have filled our 2 main needs we had last year and going into this upcoming season. Back up PG? Check. More 2 way wings? Check

So tell me fellas, does this offseason plan interest you and think this would make us title contenders?!

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