Coaching Candidates - outside the box thinking

This off-season is going to be detrimental for the 76ers. One of the major obstacles this off-season is picking a head coach. I saw the coaching candidates that the 76ers are looking to interview and for the majority they do not interest me (besides Sam Cassell and Nick Nurse - though he doesn’t develop young talent/overplays his starters during the regular season). Why is Daryl Morey or the 76ers brass always looking for a retread? The last coaching hire was Doc Rivers who was coming off a disappointing outcome with the clippers.

Frank Vogel, Mike D’Antoni (Didn’t Colangelo’s wife want him to coach the sixers?), Monty Williams… just mehh

Anyway these are the coach’s I would interview for the 76ers that could possibly bring something new to this team:

1) Chris Quinn - Assistant to Spo. He’s been the director of player development and as of right now the Heat are playing in the ECF with four undrafted players being key players in the run. He is a former pg that has been said to be a "Mini Spo" in his demeanor and the way he plans for games. He’s been on the heat bench for quite some time learning from one of the best coaches in the league. It’s possible he would be able to bring the heat "culture" to the sixers. What I like about the heat culture is that they tinker with playing younger players during the regular season to see who’s best to play come playoff time

2) Sam Cassel - has been assistant to doc for quite some time but has been given credit for his player development with Iohn Wall, Brad Beal and now Maxey. I feel as though the key players for the sixers already respect him. The only down side would be his learning under doc, but I think sometimes just having a familiar face with a different voice could be monumental in getting to the next level.

3) Adrian Griffin - he was the assistant to Nick Nurse. He is apparently the one that has been given credit for the development of Fred Van Fleet and Pascal Siakim. He’s been flirting with getting a head coaching job and he has several games under his belt that he’s coached while Nick nurse was absent.

4) Kevin Young - He would be another familiar face for the Sixers as he worked under Brett Brown, then left to work under Monty Williams. Apparently he is very smart and was a final candidate for the wizards coaching position who was impressed with his intelligence.

Couple other candidates would be:

Charles Lee (Bucks), and Kevin Ollie (G- League)

I of course don’t know how well these coaches actually are but that’s what the interview process would be able to tell. You would see how they would run your offense position your defense all with the players they have. I in no way want just another retread coach. I want a coach with innovative thinking like playing Embiid for 4 minutes on, two minutes off type of thinking.. WOULD LOVE MORE BALL MOVEMENT ON OFFENSE.

Anyway that’s my thinking. Hopefully you enjoyed my misery.of being a disappointed fan year in and year out.

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