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SB Nation Reacts: Most Sixers fans intend to watch more Spurs games if they draft Victor Wembanyama

The French big man appears quite the entertaining player.

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Metropolitans 92 v G League Ignite Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

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Last week, the San Antonio Spurs won the 2023 NBA Draft Lottery, which should give them the opportunity to select French big man Victor Wembanyama in next month’s Draft. Equipped with a rare intersection of skill, size and feel, Wembanyama is considered by many as one of the greatest prospects of all-time.

Lately, after two decades of sustained success and many titles, San Antonio has struggled to rise above mediocrity. While I’m of the belief there are enjoyable reasons to watch every NBA team every year, it’s fair to say the Spurs haven’t approached the top of League Pass rankings the past few seasons.

That might change if and when Wembanyama enters the fold, especially if Sixers’ fans sentiments are any indication. According to a recent survey, 79 percent of them said they plan to watch more Spurs games if the team drafts Wembanyama.

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in the poll or are just passing through, let us know your thoughts on Wembanyama, his fit with the Spurs and anything else in the comments below!

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