Maxey for Morant..?

After Ja's latest (pending) suspension, Memphis may be fed up with his antics and willing to listen to offers for their young superstar. Morant just inked a 5-yr $230M extension, which kicks in next season. Maxey is under contract for a measly $4.3M next season and becomes a RFA the following year. Maxey is a rising star in this league and is just 22. He averaged 20.3 ppg this past season and has shown in these playoffs the type of player he could become if he's featured in any offense. - Maxey could easily average 25 ppg.

One might say, if Maxey can avg that, why not just stick with Maxey? Well, this trade is precipitated as a result of the chatter I'm hearing about us going out and adding Damien Lilliard. Why add a 32 yo aging superstar, when you can add a 23 yo superstar. Remember when we had Ai?? That's the type of excitement Ja brings to the arena. Pair him with Embiid, and oh my gawd... I'll roll the dice with those 2 in any seven game series.

Since the salaries don't match, we'd have to reluctantly include Tobias Harris to make the money work. Would Memphis be satisfied with just those 2 pieces or would they want picks, too? I'm banking on the latter. And if I'm Morey, I find a way to get Ja Morant to Philadelphia. I don't care if we have to throw in a future (protected) 1st, just get it done! ! !

Projected starting 5:

McDaniels ( or sign a free agent)

This is of course as many predict, Harden will opt out of the last year of his contract.

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