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Podcast: ‘Out of Sight’ with Sixers play-by-play on air star, Kate Scott

Joel Embiid’s injury latest, calling an MVP (?), life on the road, vibes around this group, Maxey’s ascendence, Tuck leadership, will James Harden be back next year?

Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

We love special engagement podcasts on this thread, and we appreciate the great guests we have when that happens.

Today is no different. Philadelphia 76ers fans, your play-by-play announcer on NBC Sports Philadelphia, Kate Scott joins Adio Royster and David Early on the podcast, today.

In her second season broadcasting, Kate has already seen a lot, and this season has been as action packed as any.

Kate is, per FoxSports, “the first woman to call an NFL game on the radio, the first to call a Golden State Warriors game, the first to call football for the Pac-12 Networks, a former play-by-play announcer for the first all-female NHL broadcast in the United States, Kate Scott continues to break barriers as a leader in sports broadcasting.”

Kate talks to Dave and Adio about:

  • Joel Embiid’s health going into a potential second round matchup against the Boston Celtics (or the Atlanta Hawks)
  • What’s it like calling a potential MVP in Joel? It’s gotta be nuts to know your calls are tied to a pair of scoring titles, first time from a center in decades, plus a potential MVP!?
  • her thoughts on James Harden, his recent struggles, and what’s his mindset at this point in his career
  • She shares her insight on how she got to where she is and what it’s been like to step into the huge shoes left by Marc Zumoff.

We also ask Kate...

  • Have you seen Joel Embiid around the facility lately? Are you on any text chains with the guys? What’s the latest? Do we expect Jo to go in Game 1 of round two?
  • Are the Sixers and Celtics as “far apart” as their 3-1 regular season record that favored Boston? Kate forces us to relive that dreaded Blake Griffin hit a bunch of threes game, before offering some optimism.
  • Who gets out of that Knicks-Bucks-Heat side of the bracket?
  • What do we think of James Harden’s health? Are we concerned with his Achilles woes, or finishing inside the paint woes?
  • Will James Harden re-sign with the Sixers or might he be Houston bound?
  • Kate reveals the one instance she actually can imagine James heading back west (emoji eyes)....
  • We talk Tyrese Maxey’s growth, she’s covered the Golden State Warriors, could there possibly be some Steph Curry vibes?
  • We talk Joel’s quiet leadership, and P.J. Tucker bringing that championship pedigree to the rest of the fellas...
  • Kate offers some really intriguing insight on the team’s vibes based on bus rides, shoot around, facility, and other unseen stuff.
  • On broadcasting, we ask what Kate added to her own playcalling bag to improve from year one to year two. Has she quieted the local haters a bit since it couldn’t be easy to fill in for Zoo.
  • What is her favorite and least favorite of her own Sixers game calls? This one may surprise you.
  • Who is a fellow play-by-play person she turns to for some pearls of wisdom?
  • Does she get any feedback from loved ones?

Plus more!

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