Are we better?

Looking the 22' Sixers playoff roster last spring vs our roster now,

is this team better?

22' playoff starters: Harden, Maxey, Green, Harris, Embiid

22' bench playoff rotation: Milton, Thybulle, Kork, Niang, Reed

23' projected playoff starters: Harden, Melton, Harris, Tucker, Embiid

23' projected playoff rotation: Maxey, Milton, McDaniels, Niang, Reed... Maybe Dedman if he has really recovered from an injury ((or Doc insists on playing him anyway))

I think, overall, yes, this team is deeper and fits better than last years playoff team. Harden seems more comfortable and has found a style of play that works. Melton is an upgrade over Milton and Kork.. Tucker brings some of the things Green did. I'm encouraged by McDaniels fit, but we have to wait and see. This is not including injuries, or Doc getting outcoached. Just looking at the roster, what do you think?

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