Sixers Schedule Analysis Post All-Star Break

The Sixers schedule looks difficult after the All-Star Break with 15 out of 25 games on the road and 10 out of 25 games against top opponents. It breaks down into four groups with two sections of really tough games. That said, there is a nice 9 game stretch in March that could be a good place to go on a run. The prediction here is 15-10 which means a final record of 53-19 which would actually be the most wins since getting 56 in 2001 (Sixers won 52, 51, 51 in the past 5 years). What do you think? Do I have the number right? I also picked one game from each group as the "Marquee Matchup." Let's Go, Sixers!

Feb 23rd- March 4th

Out of the All-Star Break and into the Fire

Six Games to Do Battle, Prove Ourselves, and Survive with Heads Above Water

3-3 sounds good to me!




at Miami

at Dallas

*at Milwaukee– Saturday 8:30 ABC

March 6th- March 22nd

Winning Time for Road Warriors

Nine Games Against Beatable Teams (and Cleveland)– Lots of Road Games=Team Bonding? Time to Get Dubs

7-2 would be nice

at Indiana

at Minnesota



*at Cleveland– Wednesday 7:30 ESPN

at Charlotte

at Indiana


at Chicago

March 24th- April 4th

The Gauntlet

Brutal Seven Game Stretch Featuring Six of the Top Teams in the League (hey, Raptors)

3-4 with pride

at Golden State

at Phoenix

at Denver

*Dallas– Wednesday 7:30 ESPN


at Milwaukee


April 6th-April 9th

Closing it Out

Three Games against classic NBA Middle Tier Opponents

2-1 seems right


at Atlanta

*at Brooklyn Sunday 1:00 (if this game matters for seeding– could be fun!)

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