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Maxey: ‘Joel was probably one of the first ... in our organization that really believed in me’

On The Young Person Basketball Podcast with RJ Hampton, Tyrese Maxey talked about his relationships with star teammates Joel Embiid and James Harden, and his connection with Philly fans.

Utah Jazz v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Sixers fans don’t need any more reasons to love Tyrese Maxey. The third-year guard has shown star potential and done so with a huge smile and glowing personality.

But in a recent appearance on “The Young Person Basketball Podcast with R.J. Hampton” on Fubo Sports, Maxey dished on his relationships with Joel Embiid and James Harden.

Both Texas natives broke into the league in 2020, with Maxey going 21st overall and Hampton a few picks later at 24. Hampton talked about how important it was for him to have veterans like Nikola Jokic around when he was a rookie in Denver.

Maxey mentions how big it was to have Embiid’s support as a rookie:

“I’ll say this, man ... it’s funny because Joel was probably one of the first players and people in our organization that really believed in me. I just remember him telling me after like the first or second game of my rookie year, me not playing as much, he was like, ‘You’re going to be special. I believe in you ...’ I just really appreciate him for that because when the big dog got you under his wing it’s like your confidence goes to another level.”

When Harden arrived in a blockbuster trade with the Nets last season, many wondered what it would mean for Maxey. In his second NBA season, Maxey was growing as a point guard while Ben Simmons was holding out.

Maxey took it in stride and actually thrived alongside Harden:

“A lot of people were in my ear when he got here telling me, ‘don’t worry, you’ll be fine,’ but I think my game took off to another level when he got here just because he’s taken me under his wing and he’s taught me so much in a small time period. He’s like a big brother to me, on and off the court.”

The interview is from “The Young Person Basketball Podcast with R.J. Hampton” which airs on Fubo Sports and the Fubo Sports YouTube page. A clip was given exclusively to Liberty Ballers. The full episode will be available later this week.

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