Trade Targets: Hayward Rozier

I keep seeing the same names cycle around the trade block. Siakam doesn’t fit. We probably can’t afford OG or Lauri. Caruso is probably over valued. LaVine doesn’t belong on this team. Derozan could be interesting.

A couple names I haven’t see floated around are Gordan Hayward and Terry Rozier. Any player we acquire will probably have some flaws. But if we are to go all in, I would want to go for it offensively. If we can keep Batum and add Hayward on the wing, I think our offense would potentially be historic. Tobias is too mechanical. His IQ and processing speed are lacking and we see it in crunch time, every year. The quick decision making between Maxey, Batum, and Hayward would be brilliant to watch. Defensively we would definitely be vulnerable. Hayward plays good team d but is not a great option to start against Tatum or brown. And health is always a major concern.

Rozier as a 6th man would be perfect. If he is cooking he could Close games out instead of Melton.

Could we get it done for Harris, Morris and a first? Could we also exclude Rozier and do Tobias and a first for an expiring Hayward?

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