I haven't been geeking out the last few days on here but I am quite content and excited for the assets gained in the trade. I know yall would look at a given contender around the league and expect them to not alter their core during a great regular season. But upon closer look there may be more going on with some of these squads.

Take for example my Dubs. I would have liked to make a consolidation trade this past summer but we done got hold of one of those think the game ass perimeter dudes in the draft and mugs wanna play him. Sigh. He goes by Podz and the franchise love for he and GP2 (nose flare) is going to create a logjam on the wing with Moody, Klay, and Wiggins that is going to hold Moody back going forward.

Noone wants to see Moody get shipped off at a discount because he's planned to be underused like another extremely promising guy on rooky scale we recently traded for a specialist (nose flare) and some 2nds.

Wiggins came, saw, conquered him a championship. We are low on assets and super high on payroll. He's not actually one of the Core of Lore, after all. I think at this point he would be more helpful in the East. Without him, my Dubs would be in the same spot this year- 55+ wins and competing with a shallower Denver, Phoenix, Sacramento, and a healthy New Orleans at the top of the West. We would do well to get some assets for a 1 time all star in his prime with such a contract amidst the cap rises. We shall accept your most favorable 2026 1st and your most favorable 2028 1st for the favor of choosing you as his destination.

I hear the chatter about Anunoby and Siakam. Yall should get Anunoby and Siakam then!

Here is one smooth version of the full trade to officially consummate The Process, possible beginning December 30:

Toronto receives:






Three 2029 2nds

Golden State receives:



Most favorable 1sts from Philly in 2026 and 2028, unprotected

Philly receives:




Maxey/Wiggins/Anunoby/Siakam/Embiid for 2024 playoffs

If Indiana is out of it I could easily see Hield coming over on buyout. And there should be a roster spot for Danny too fwiw. So you're gonna need a backup true 1 to win the title. He doesn't need to be a good defender tho with Melton and all that frontcourt defense. This version of the trade also creates a $7m exception I believe. K Martin is getting 2m and we all know BBall's deal. The real question is can Siakam and Nurse hold it together till June don't want Pascal going to Dubai during the playoffs or something

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