Sixers Alternate History (NBA 2K)

So I was trying to distract myself last night during the Eagles game and decided to start a new franchise in NBA 2K but with a twist, starting with the 2002-2003 Sixers. How I played was I only make the franchise moves and leave the game to game to the head coach (in this case Larry Brown). I think I may have made a juggernaut.

  • In the 02-03 season, I realized what draft was next (LeBron, Wade, Anthony, Bosh) and decided to do whatever I had to for picks. I traded anyone I could not named AI through the course of the season to get picks from the Grizzlies and other bottom feeders. Somehow, some ways, we went 54-28 with AI carrying basically the whole load, the 2nd seed behind the New Orleans Hornets (???), but unfortunately flamed out first round
  • Not a worry though because with a combo of lottery luck and trading, we drafted BOTH Wade and Anthony (I couldn't get up to 1 because the Trailblazers really wanted LeBron)
  • Then we sign Elton Brand, fill out our bench, move AI to PG (which bumps his overall ironically) so Wade can play in the starting line up and go 73-9
  • After a 2nd round scare against the Celtics (of course), we run to the Finals and win
  • We then go to the draft lottery with a pick from the Sonics which winds up 2nd. A bit of negotiation with the first overall pick (Jazz), we end up trading 2, 30 and a bench player for the 1st overall pick and a bench guy we don't re-sign
  • Now going into the 2004-2005 season, our starting line up is now AI, Wade, Anthony, Brand, and Dwight Howard.
I can only wonder what the heck the Sixers would look like today if this weird magic had somehow happened in real life. Regardless of if the team work (like in 2K) or not (like in real life most likely)

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