Paul Reed Should Start!

I believe BBall Paul should be rewarded with starter minutes! The guy is the definition of "hustle!" In fact, if you were to look up "energy" in the dictionary, his picture is likely to pop up! The problem is, (behind Reed), the 6ers really don't have a worthy back up center. If the BULLS are looking for some young talent to build around for their future, (and by now they definitely should be); I'd be open to trading Jaden Springer and a 2nd round pick to CHI for Andre Drummond!

It would be difficult to let a young athletic talent like Springer go; but this team has a chance to make a deep run this season. I believe giving Paul Reed more minutes on the court will be key!

With that simple move, the 76ers lineup would be (almost) unstoppable! ...imo

Embiid C
BBall PF
Tobias SF
K.O. #9 2G (*When he returns)
Maxey PG

2nd unit
Drum Drum C
Batum PF
Melton 2G
Pat Bev PG

Key Reserves:
House Jr
K Mart

*Get well soon K.O. #9!

What say you?

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