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NBA reveals new court designs for In-Season Tournament

Are you ready to see red, Sixers fans?

Today, the NBA revealed new court designs for all 30 teams to be used during In-Season Tournament games this season. You can check out the story on the new designs in an article from ESPN’s Zach Lowe. The biggest change for the courts is that each team’s template includes a painted court with no wood showing. Here’s the full description for the template utilized for each team’s court:

“The bulk of the court in one color linked to each team’s City Edition uniform, with one central strip the width of the in-the-key painted area running from baseline to baseline in another shade — meant to evoke an airport runway, and the idea that each group play game had the teams on their own runway to the tournament’s final four in Las Vegas.

A giant in-season tournament trophy would serve as the center-court logo, superimposed on each team’s individual logo. A tipped-over version of the trophy would be squeezed inside the foul line on both ends of each court.”

Of course, Philadelphia 76ers fans want to know what the Sixers’ court is going to look like:

My initial reaction is that it’s a lot of red. Red is such an aggressive color and I feel like teams that were directed to go down that path due to their City Edition color scheme are at a disadvantage to teams that were able to use something like a pale blue or a gray. It’s just a lot to have to look at when watching a basketball game. By my count, five teams have a red central color: Chicago, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, and Portland. Of those, I really only like the Blazers’ court, probably because they are the only one with a light runway strip to provide contrast.

In-Season Tournament play begins Friday night, Nov. 3. The first In-Season Tournament game for the Sixers is the following Friday, Nov. 10, in Detroit. The first time we’ll get to see this new Sixers court in action will be Tuesday, Nov. 14, when Philadelphia hosts the Pacers. The Sixers’ other away game in East Group A is on Nov. 17 in Atlanta, with the other home game on Nov. 21 against Cleveland.

Cool idea and we’ll see how these courts look watching live. I wish the Sixers’ central color wasn’t red.

Which of the 30 teams’ designs do you really like or dislike?

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